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Scientific Publishing

A big Market

Publishers' Market

STM and HSS, +4% yearly

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Higher than Google or Apple


Orvium's Milestones


2017 Q1 -> 2018 Q1

- Platform: Functional prototype and Feasibiity study.
- Idea , team, legal conception and TGE defintion.

Red Giant

2018 Q2 -> 2018 Q3

- Platform: Communities Mgmt and Manuscript submission&versioning.
- Recruiment, Corporate and Institunional partnerships.


2018 Q4 -> 2019 Q1

- Platform: Blockchain integration .
- R&D and Grants University and Research Labs Programs.

White Dwarf

2019 Q2 -> 2019 Q3

- Platform: Manuscript tracking, DAJs, Licenses Mgmt.
- Collaboration with Universitites and Research Institutions .

Neutron Star

2019 Q4

- Platform: Patronage and Funding campaigns.
- Patronage of research lines in collaboration with institutions .


2020 Q1

- Platform: Big Data integration and Fine tune the operational efficiency.
- Market capture and Business Model expansion. Launch R&D grant program.

Orvium's Team

Trusted Experience

Orvium is the vision of a team of engineers, scientists and blockchain experts drawn from CERN, NASA, Amazon, Oracle, Bitcoin Suisse, and others renowned institutions

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We always look for the excellence, we joined efforts with the bests legal, blockchain experts, and PR partners.

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