Scientific Publishing

A big Market

Scientific Publishing Market

STM and HSS, +4% yearly

Profit Margins

Higher than Google or Apple


Our Milestones



- Idea conception
- Consolidate team and company incorporation
- Initial application design with Zenodo

Red Giant

2019 H1

- Platform design and blockchain integration
- CV Labs incubation program CV VC partnering


2019 H2

- Crypto Valley VC investment
- PoC release with paper review and tracking
- YES!Delft EdTech Validation program collaboration with Dutch universities

White Dwarf

2020 H1

- Develop open access journal platform
- Recruitment and institutional partnerships
- Marketing strategy development

Neutron Star

2020 H2

- Pilot at universities and institutions
- Smart analytics and big data integration



- Launch R&D grant program
- Decentralized journals
- Patronage of research lines in collaboration with institutions


Want more? Roadshow & Media

Sharing how we improve scientific publishing at international conferences

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