Scientific Publishing

A big Market

Publishers' Market

STM and HSS, +4% yearly

Profit Margins

Higher than Google or Apple


Orvium's Milestones


2018 H1

- Platform: functional prototype and feasibiity study.
- Idea conception, consolidate team, legal support and TGE defintion.

Red Giant

2018 H2

- Recruiment, corporate and institunional partnerships.


2019 H1

- Platform: rearchitecture and blockchain integration.
- CV Labs incubation progam and CV VC partnering

White Dwarf

2019 H2

- Platform: review services, manuscript tracking onboarding.
- YES!Delft: collaboration with universitites and research institutions .

Neutron Star

2020 H1

- Platform: DAJs, patronage and funding campaigns.
- Patronage of research lines in collaboration with institutions .


2020 H2

- Platform: Big Data integration and fine tune the operational efficiency.
- Market capture and Business Model expansion. Launch R&D grant program.


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